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B2B commerce platform for Micro-Retailers to

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How it Works

Order Via App

Get products from multiple Brands
with a single click

Get Delivery in 2 Hrs

No More Uncertainety track your delivery
in Real time.

Get instant Credits

@0% Interest rates.


Easy Ordering

1 click to Re-order, 2 clicks to order, 3 to avail credits
Multiple Brands
Retailers get to choose from Thousands of products from 100+ brands
Best Prices
Get discounts on bulk buying and Brand-related Scheme

Superfast Delivery

No Missed Deliveries
Track your shipment with realtime tracking
No More Stockouts
with same day or faster delivery
Cash turnaround
No blocked working capital with faster Deliveries

Instant credits

Pre-Approved Loans
Based on your transaction history get approval and credit limit
Immediate Credit use
Hasslefree process of using the credit against your NOW Order
Low-Interest Rates
Get short term loans with zero to low-interest rates and friendly terms

Our Satisfied customers

Retailers need to focus on just one thing - which is selling , NOW does the rest!!

WORKING CAPITAL - Less money is blocked as I get deliveries every day of products I want
Ram Mahto
SPACE UTILISED - My shop is small and I can’t stock & delivery used to take time but with NOW I get products faster
Mansur Alam
HIGHER SALES - Sales for me has increased as customers get all products at all times